It is our priority at Rural Special to keep your child safe while at school. However, to do this properly there must be some changes take place. While these changes may be a little more time consuming, I am sure you will agree that nothing is more important than keeping our students and your child safe while they are on campus!

1. Most importantly no one (parents, visitors, etc.) will be allowed to go directly to a classroom for any reason: (not to pick up your child, not to bring a show and tell item, not to attend classroom parties, etc.)

*Of a morning parents must drop their children off in the parking lot or walk them to the front door of the elementary building. Parents/visitors are not allowed in the building of a morning.

* Elementary doors will NOT be unlocked until 7:40, so please do not drop your child off before this time.

* If you must pick your child up early then you either need to stop by the elementary office or if it is before lunch time stop by the high school office to check a student out. Here you will receive a visitor tag if you must go to the classroom (this shows the teacher that you have officially checked in). Without this you will be sent back to the office.

2. Also, you will notice that the classroom doors will be closed and locked. Without a visitor pass from the office, no one will be allowed in the classrooms. If you go to the classroom to pick up your child, the teacher will instruct you that you have to go to the office first so proper safety procedures can be followed.

3. As a district and a school, we are also examining and discussing other safety measures and plans that will implemented throughout the year.

Please know that we are being proactive when it comes to school safety. Keeping your child safe is definitely a priority to us! If you have any questions or comments please call or email me 363-4365 or I would like to hear any feedback you have.


Shelia Mitchell